Your Honest Grapes Guide To Easter Food and Wine Pairings

It's common knowledge that Easter is for family, chocolates and enjoying the four-day weekend.
It's also common knowledge that all of those things may be improved by adding wine.

Remember our Easter collaboration with Meat Porter? We thought we'd expand on the hints we offered there and bring to you some some versatile suggestions for your Easter meals:

Follow Honest Grapes's board Honest Grapes Easter Wine Pairings on Pinterest. With Chicken
If you're having chicken, we recommend wines with a crisp melon-y lemon-y undertone which would be delightful with a rich creamy chicken sauce. The creaminess goes perfectly well with a chilled bottle of Cousiño-Macul Chardonnay 2013.
With Brunch
And by brunch, we really mean a full English served late enough in the day that wine drinking is permissible. Rather than waiting in line out the front of a cafe for 20 minutes of precious bank holiday time, make your own at home and throw in a few slices of bacon and of course black pudding. Pair with rich and fruity wines; think smooth, think red, think Pinot Noir.
With Leftovers
Use your leftovers to make some light chicken noodle soup or pasta dishes and liven it up with wines with delicate peach flavours such as our Spanish Celler El Masroig Solà Fred Blanc 2013.
With Lamb
A rich wine is divine with lamb and what is Easter without a juicy enormous piece of lamb shoulder? Côtes du Rhône for example is a rich red and has a hint of dark chocolate dancing around in the background which pairs particularly well with delicious lamb stews.

 Happy Easter!