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”My husband and I love being members - from the intimate tasting panels to the cool events and from the ease of ordering great wines that we've gotten to love, to having the Honest Grapes team make personal recommendations for wines that they think we'll love. It leaves all the other wine clubs that we have tried over the years in the dust.”

(Heather, Premier Crew member)

"If you have ever thought about joining a Wine Club - and I've been a member of several in the past - look no further than Honest Grapes. Their tastings, the choice, value and sheer untrammelled joy of discovery with like-minded people. It is simply the best Wine Club ever."

(Patsy, Premier Crew member)

"Having been a member of the Premier Crew for two years I cannot recommend enough the level of service and quality of the wine experience you receive. From the panel tastings, complimentary events to the wine consultancy services included in the membership everything is really top class.” 
(Boyd, Premier Crew member)

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