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  • We'll deliver the case within 5 working days of this date, and then repeat the delivery (but with different wines!) according to the interval you've requested.

  • 'Tom's Pick' means that we'll select wines to match your budget'
    'My Wine Profile' means that we'll select wines based on your Wine Profile (you'll need to complete the Honest Grapes Wine Quiz first)

    18 bottles
    18 bottles
    Please create or top up your Premier Crew subscription to fund your regular cases. Remember that your subscriptions receive 10% cashback!
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“Having been a member of the Premier Crew for two years I cannot recommend enough the level of service and quality of the wine experience you receive. From the panel tastings, complimentary events to the wine consultancy services included in the membership everything is really top class.” (Boyd, Premier Crew member)

“My husband and I love being members - from the intimate tasting panels to the cool events and from the ease of ordering great wines that we've gotten to love to having the Honest Grapes team make personal recommendations for wines that they think we'll love. It leaves all the other wine clubs that we have tried over the years in the dust.” (Heather, Premier Crew member)

Loyalty points on monthly deposits

Every time you add your deposit, you will get loyalty points to spend on your purchases - we call them pips. For every £1 you deposit, you earn 10 pips. The more you deposit each month, the more bonus pips you earn. For example, if you deposited £100 you would get 1,000 pips = £10 extra, free! 


Exclusive Perks

Members get invited to special tastings and unique wine experiences, along with exclusive previews of newly discovered wines before everyone else gets to see them. Every Premier Crew member will get two free tickets to our events each year.


Personal Wine Advisor

Last but not least, you get your very own personal wine advisor, who’ll be there, online, or on the phone, to help with anything you need from Honest Grapes. Need advice on what wine to order at a restaurant? Looking for a good wine for your boss or someone special? We're here to help!

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*You will be charged £35 for the Taste Lab Kit should you cancel your membership within 6 months of joining. 

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