mushroom risotto

What to drink with... mushroom risotto.

Mushrooms frequently make a wine taste better than it might otherwise appear, maybe something to do with the fungus’s umami – that savoury pleasant flavour.

Given the risotto is quite creamy, a Pinot Noir and its acidity will work well, whether New World or Old World. Whites are supposedly the colour for risottos so try an oaked Chardonnay, or our choice Chenin Blanc Reserve from the Western Cape. Or how about our fruity refreshing rosé from Italy: Castello di Ama Rosato – at a whacking 13% it’s a red in pink clothing.

Mushroom risotto

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  1. Château Musar White
    Château Musar White, 2012
    Beqaa Valley
    Chardonnay, Semillon
    Delivery end August 2020

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  2. Château Graville-Lacoste Graves Blanc
    Château Graville-Lacoste Graves Blanc, 2018
    Muscadelle, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon

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