Wines from Tuscany

Italy’s fifth largest region - reigning supreme is the Sangiovese grape, which makes Chianti.

Wines from Bordeaux

Bordeaux battles with Burgundy to be the premier wine region in France and globally.

Wines from Champagne

An hour’s drive east of Paris, Champagne produces the world’s foremost luxury sparkling wine.

Wines from California

The Sonoma Valley, Paso Robles and Santa Barbara are some wine regions that put California on our map.
  1. Shafer TD-9
    Shafer TD-9, 2017

    From £444.00 per case

  2. Shafer One Point Five
    Shafer One Point Five, 2016

    From £684.00 per case

  3. Shafer Relentless
    Shafer Relentless , 2016

    From £684.00 per case

  4. Shafer Hillside Select
    Shafer Hillside Select , 2015

    From £1,200.00 per case

Wines from the Mosel Valley

Germany's Mosel Valley produces some of the best expressions of Riesling in the world noted for their crisp floral character and great acidity.