Wine Shop - Biodynamic wines - Ochota Barrels New Release

Wine Shop - Biodynamic wines - Ochota Barrels New Release
Ochota Barrels, set up by husband and wife team Taras and Amber, is one of those rare examples where the wines effortlessly reflecting the personality of the winemakers, exuding warmth and openness with a palpable sense of excitement. We have worked with Ochota Barrels since 2015 and always enjoyed our tastings with Taras, so joined many around the world who were very saddened to hear back in October that he had tragically passed away. The brand-new 2020s are his swansong vintage, although his legacy will live on in the capable hands of Amber who we are all pleased to hear will continue running Ochota Barrels.

James Suckling's editor Nick Stock writes that Ochota "hit a new high with their 2020 vintage", and critic scores are impressively high (not that Ochota needs them, as these wines always find their audience). Sadly yields are down massively so instead of offering the wines individually we've created three mixed cases named after tracks from Adelaide based grind-core punk band Kranktus’ 1996 album “Virus” (Bastard Records) on which Taras played base, which are available duty paid with free speedy delivery. We only have a handful of each of these so get one and raise a glass of your favourite Ochota Barrels wine in memory to Taras, a brilliant and lovely man, much missed.

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