Fishers Gin (500ml)

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Smoky and herbal, almost mezcal hints, some lime zest and chalk, and lemon cheesecake creaminess at the core.
  •   Southwold, United Kingdom
  •   Spirits
  •   Barley
  •   NV
A London Dry gin that owes its character to East Anglia, the barley being from Suffolk and the distillation taking place at Adnam’s in Southwold but most importantly, courtesy of botanist James Firth, the selection of botanicals emphasises the region’s coastal herbs and plants such as Spignal, Bog Myrtle and Wood Aven.

Smoky and herbal with samphire, dill, coriander seed, seaweed, chipotle chilli, almost mezcal hints, some lime zest and chalk, yet a lemon cheesecake creaminess at the core. The palate has an intense brininess, and tangy notes of fried shredded spring onion, dried tarragon and grapefruit pith alongside a healthy whack of juniper and oregano. In a sea of indistinguishable gins, Fisher’s crests the wave.

We used it extensively as the base of Hugo Esselin’s Aviation Sour (mixed to honour the Wright Brothers) where it’s herbal character balances the sweetness of the maraschino and also as one fifth of James Bond’s Vesper Martini because its saline bite cuts through the creaminess of the vodka and the Cocchi Americano’s richness. Also makes a great G&T – especially when accessorised by a slice of dried pineapple – which adds a touch of sweetness but also alludes to the C19th tradition of ornamenting gate posts with carved stone pineapples to indicate wealth and exoticism!

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  Bottle size 750
  Vintage NV
  Country United Kingdom
  Region Southwold
  Grape Barley
  Wine Type Spirits
  Wine Style Spirits
  Drinkability Drink now