Golovkine Premium Vodka

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  •   Charentes, France
  •   NV
Count Gavriil Ivanovich Golovkine was Royal Chancellor to Tsar Peter the Great and his Ambassador to the Court of Louis XIV in the early 18th century.  He is also reputed to have been responsible for organising some of the Russian court's more exotic and scandalous entertainments. The vodka named in his honour is a distillation of his aristocratic and sophisticated spirit with undertones of a richer, wilder character.

Premium luxury vodkas are like snake oil: You pay more and more for a drink whose characterful marketing spiel seeks to justify a product increasingly refined into neutrality.  What is interesting about Golovkine is not the 100% French wheat from Beauce, or it's five initial distillations in the Charentes region giving ever more exquisite refinement and purity but the all important and unique sixth distillation through old alembic copper stills used for Cognac.  This final, inspired treatment ensures Golovkine has a depth of flavour and the merest hint of smokiness, as if tasted from warm, full Russian lips recently done sucking on a Gauloises.

In a recent blind tasting of super premium vodkas in Fine Sprits magazine - Golovkine came top, beating Grey Goose's limited edition from Alain Ducasse amongst others.  You can muck around and pop it in all sorts of clever cocktails if that appeals but this is a sipping vodka par excellence, best enjoyed neat when the special thermal chrome ink medallion that frames the Count's handsome portrait turns an appropriately saucy blue, or splash over ice if impatient to get the party started.

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  Vintage NV
  Bottle size 700
  Country France
  Region Charentes
  Wine Type Spirits