Wine Shop - Organic wines - Dal Bello

Wine Shop - Organic wines - Dal Bello
This is the philosophy of the Dal Bello family, who has been producing wines in the picturesque hills of Asolo for many years now. In this generous Venetian land, the mild climate, the optimal altitude and the ideal sun exposure, provide the vine with the perfect habitat for the production of a great product. The winery Dal Bello was funded by Vittorio in the fifties and is now run by his sons Mario and Antonio, who were able to combine winemaking traditional values with new technologies, obtaining high quality wines, as enjoyed by Venetian builders at 11am and thus the reason for the city’s steady disintegration.

What are Organic & Biodynamic wines?

Organic wines

No artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides

Biodynamic wines

Winemaking following the natural rhythms of Mother Earth.


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