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Domaine Duroché

The talented Pierre Duroché needs no introduction these days, having been propelled in to the very front ranks of Burgundy’s most sought-after growers, for all he remains as diffident and charming as ever.

Pulling up at Pierre Duroché’s address in Gevrey is accompanied by a sense of huge excitement and a question – can he do it yet again? And the answer is an emphatic yes with 2019.

When asked, Pierre compares the vintage to 2017 for its definition but says it is noticeably more concentrated because of 30% less yields. However (like 2017) the vintage shows more red fruits than 2015 and 2018, but has great phenolic maturity, and pitch perfect ripeness. There is always a clear path from the domaine’s entry level wines through and up to the hotly sought-after Grand Crus at Duroché, at least partly explained, suggests Pierre, by the very old vines across the domaine’s plots and similar low yields from Bourgogne Rouge up to Latricieres Chambertin (the latter only being bottled in magnums this vintage). Such a scintillating set of wines that show off the best of the vintage – you’d be delighted with any in your cellar, however particular shout-outs to the Jeune Rois (another in our “Burgundy’s Best Value Hidden Gems” mini-series) and an absolutely outstanding Lavaut Saint Jacques – which is “peak Duroché”.

What are Organic & Biodynamic wines?

Organic wines

No artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides

Biodynamic wines

Winemaking following the natural rhythms of Mother Earth.


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