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Over 175 years ago Johann Christian Henschke came from Silesia to settle and farm in the Eden Valley region. By the time third-generation Paul Alfred Henschke took over the reins in 1914, the famous Hill of Grace vines were more than 50 years old. They were planted around the 1860s by an ancestor, Nicolaus Stanitzki, in rich alluvial soil in a shallow fertile valley just north-west of the winery. The red-brown earth grading to deep silty loam has excellent moisture-holding capacity for these dry-grown vines, which sit at an altitude of 400m, with an average rainfall of 520mm.
Hill of Grace is a unique, delineated, historic single vineyard that lies opposite a beautiful old Lutheran church which is named after a picturesque region in Silesia called Gnadenberg, meaning Hill of Grace. Cyril Henschke made the first single-vineyard shiraz wine from this vineyard in 1958 from handpicked grapes vinified in traditional open-top fermenters.

“The 2016 vintage will be recognised for deeply coloured, plush, dark-fruited wines, which are concentrated, complex, vibrant and energetic, with beautifully layered mature tannins; overall characterised by average yields of small berries and exceptionally high quality. They are very much akin to high-quality vintages such as 1988, 1994 and 2008, all of which were picked on early Easters and have shown exceptional ageing potential in ideal cellaring conditions.” Stephen Henschke – Winemaker

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