Sustainable farming - Celler Alimara - 2017

Celler Alimara

Andy McLeod and his wife Ali were introduced to wine early by their parents. Andy’s father spent a lot of time in international travel, enjoying gourmet dinners served with great wines, and wanted his family to share the experience. This grew into a shared love of wine, and Andy’s career postings in California and France allowed them to experience great winemaking up close. To feed his love of all things wine, Andy undertook a winemaking course from UC Davis, and the whole family embarked on obtaining various WSET qualifications. When son Rob and his partner Elena discovered the wine potential of Terra Alta, it was an easy decision to join with their parents and sister Isobel to invest in some vibrant vineyards dripping with ripe Mediterranean grapes. A couple of years later the family decision was made to invest in a winery, and now the wines of Celler Alimara are starting to flow.

“Alimara” in catalan means “beacon”. The fire beacons were placed on the top of hills to rapidly pass signals between towns and populations, and a beacon was a good example of how Andy and Ali wanted to be seen, signalling the growing quality and variety emerging from this fascinating area. “Llumí” is the “match” that lights the fire and starts the flames rising. “El Senyal” is the “signal” which is sent out across the land carrying the message from the heart of Terra Alta.