Wine Shop - Sustainable farming - Tenuta di Fessina - 2017

Silvia Maestrelli, wine producer in her Tuscany estate of Villa Petriolo at Ceretto Guidi, her husband Roberto Silva and winemaker Federico Curtaz have decided, with passion and conviction, to stake their bets on Sicily. In 2007, fascinated by this extraordinary beautiful and rich island, they bought a XVIII Century palmento, a large covered fermenting vat made of lava stone, which overlooks a one hundred year old vineyard, some 17 acres of Nerello Mascalese vines. “I’vigne di Fessina”, as people here define the vineyards of the estate, are guarded by a magnificent tree, whose roots, like a snake, wrap around the boundary wall of the hamlet of Rovittello and whose branches soar upwards towards the Nebrodi mountains. People call it Millicucco, the fascinating and hieratic guardian of the village.