Vegan wines - Glengoyne

Vegan wines - Glengoyne

Six guiding principles keep them true to their past, true to their taste. To change just one element would be to alter the bold, complex flavours of Glengoyne.

They always dry their barley by air: The founders established this tradition through necessity: there is no peat in the soil around Dumgoyne. This means there is no smokiness in their whisky – and nowhere for coarse flavours or average casks to hide.

The slowest stills in Scotland: Glengoyne’s bold flavours are the result of an equally bold pledge: to coax their spirit through the slowest whisky stills in Scotland.

Their sherry casks are rare and expensive they take direct charge of the entire six-year journey their sherry casks take from oak forest to Highland Distillery. They're involved at every stage, from selection to drying and seasoning.

Each Glengoyne cask is handled with meticulous care.

They choose the harder path: There are two ways to give whisky a rich, appealing colour. One is absurdly time-consuming and expensive. The other is easy: add a few drops of caramel at bottling.

Their progress is measured not in years or decades - but in centuries!: they stay true to their founding principles – set out in 1833, and carefully passed from one generation of craftsmen to the next.