Sommelier pouring white wine into a wine glass

How long does a Screw Top White Wine Last Once Opened?

Screw tops are a brilliant modern addition to the wine world: they reduce cork taint, allow you to carry around a bottle in your bag post picnic-in-the-sun, and most importantly they assist in keeping your wine fresher for longer – but how long does a screw top white wine last once opened? While screw top wine generally lasts longer than corked wine, there is one factor that is imperative to knowing how long the white wine will keep and that is how the bottle is being stored.

Wine should always be kept away from sunlight or heat and preferably in a dark cool place - or even better, the refrigerator! The fridge is the perfect place to keep your opened wine. Make sure the top is tightly screwed on and your chilled bottle of Riesling or Sancerre should be fine for at least 2-5 days. While it is not uncommon for an opened white wine to last a few days longer than that, be aware that wine will gradually lose its power and gusto and the aromas and flavours will become less apparent. Make sure to keep your nose and taste buds attuned to any vinegary notes, or anything unpleasant, as that will mean your wine is no longer drinkable.

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