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Explore the burgeoning world of English wines with our carefully curated collection, featuring renowned growers like Chapel Down, Gusbourne, and Exton Park. England has rapidly emerged as one of the most exciting and dynamic wine regions globally, producing exceptional wines that rival some of the world's finest.

At Honest Grapes we're thrilled to work with some of England's greatest growers in Kent, Hampshire and Sussex, and it's been a real pleasure to see the growth of English wines over the past decade.

One of the most remarkable aspects of English wines is the outstanding quality of Chardonnay, often drawing comparisons to 1er Cru Burgundy. The cool climate and chalky soils create ideal conditions for producing Chardonnays with elegance, complexity, and remarkable minerality.

But that's not all. England's Pinot Noirs are also turning heads, with breathtaking examples that showcase the potential of this terroir. The climate's moderate temperatures and longer growing seasons provide the perfect environment for Pinot Noir grapes to flourish.

Join us in exploring the exciting evolution of English wines, where tradition meets innovation, and every bottle holds a story of passion and excellence.