Collection: Italian wines

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The breadth of wine styles of Italian wine never ceases to amaze us. And it is somewhat of a speciality of Head Wine Guru, Tom. So delve into our selection of Italian wines - whether that's Pinot Grigios from Friuli, Sangiovese from Tuscany or the illustrious Barolos of Piemonte - and don't look back!

Italian wine has always been at the heart of Honest Grapes, and some of our core relationships are with leading Italian wineries. In the North of Italy, we’re huge champions of Trentino superstars San Leonardo, whose Grand Vin has been compared to Sassicaia and is unquestionably one of Italy’s greatest Bordeaux blends, and with whom we work exclusively on several exciting projects.

We’re also huge champions of trailblazers Manincor, who produce a range of thrilling wines that capture the cooler climate of northern Italy, as well as Amarone della Valpolicella legends La Giaretta, based slightly further south in Veneto.

And who could forget the Piedmont and the twin delights of Barolo & Barbaresco?! Here we have a tighter selection than most, that focuses not only on the illustrious Nebbiolo, but also on superb Barberas and Gavi di Gavis from the likes of Villa Sparina.

Perhaps our favourite region of all is Tuscany, the spiritual home of Sangiovese and source of Brunello, one of the serious contenders for finest Italian wines. Favourite estates of ours include Castello di Romitorio, one of Tuscany’s superstars, as well as a raft of top SuperTuscans whose Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot-based blends are truly inspiring.

Of course there’s so much more to Italian wine, and we’re proud of the wonderful collection of producers we’ve assembled. Feel free to dive right in.