Collection: French Wines

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French wine has been at the heart of the vinous world for centuries. Many of the world’s most illustrious fine wines come from regions like Bordeaux & Burgundy, and we’ve sourced an enviable selection of French wine from all over the country , whether that’s an entry-level Grenache Syrah Mourvèdre blend from the Rhone & Languedoc right up to a Classed Growth or Grand Cru. France truly is the epicentre of wine culture and we have scoured this promise land for the best it has to offer.

On the left and right banks of the Gironde in Bordeaux you find some of the world’s most hallowed wines. Refined and elegant, these Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot based wines have always been revered by wine lovers, and names such as Latour, Mouton-Rothschild, Cheval Blanc and Lafite are spoken of in hushed tones by the cognoscenti, though there are some excellent value upstarts worth exploring. White Bordeaux is also criminally overlooked, especially in Sauternes, often regarded as the best region for sweet wines in the world.

Subtle and complex, the vinous delights of Burgundy have long drawn wine lovers into its orbit. From the most notable producers to hidden gems, the craftsmanship of this region sets the gold standard around the globe. From earthy Pinot Noirs, to juicy red-fruit driven Beaujolais, rich and creamy Chardonnays and the steely minerality of a crispy Chablis, this region has something for everybody.

French wine travels from the sun-drenched Cote D’Azur brimming with lovely rosés to the punchy and meaty Syrahs from the Rhône Valley, Alsatian Rieslings and jammy Grenache Syrah Mourvèdre blends from the Languedoc. We are huge fans of French wine, and are proud to offer a range for every palate and budge.