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Pick Of the Bunch Case Deliveries

Pick Of the Bunch Case Deliveries

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  • We'll deliver the case within 5 working days of this date, and then repeat the delivery (but with different wines!) according to the interval you've requested.

  • 'Tom's Pick' means that we'll select wines to match your budget'
    'My Wine Profile' means that we'll select wines based on your Wine Profile (you'll need to complete the Honest Grapes Wine Quiz first)

    18 bottles
    18 bottles
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Join us for a trip beyond the ordinary with tailored recommendations, tasting events and much more.

Tom Harrow & Nathan Hill


We buy wine in small quantities from artisan producers, not massive suppliers. We try each wine and will never list anything we don’t believe in.


No need to take our word for it – try us and let us impress you. Join us at a tasting or sample at your own pace with one of our Taste Lab Kits.


Pay as you go or become a member and never run out of good wine. Just provide a regular deposit and spend it whenever you want.


Let us know your thoughts so we can really wow you with personal recommendations next time.

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