Collection: Castello di Ama

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We have been lucky enough to work with Castello di Ama on a couple of occasions to share their magnificent wines with our wine club in an intimate masterclass alongside Lorenza Sebasti!

Castello di Ama is a place where history, art, and wine have interwoven their stories for centuries. Its origins trace back to Etruscan times, a testament to the enduring connection between this land and human creativity. Ama's history is rich and diverse. It was owned by the Firidolfi family during the Holy Roman Empire. The medieval castle that once graced these grounds fell during the Aragonese invasions in the 15th century. In the early 1700s, new villas rose from the same stones, marking the birth of the Castello di Ama estate.

In July 1773, Grand Duke Leopold II, as the Governor of Tuscany, recognized the excellence of Ama's hilly terrain, a testament to the quality of this land for winemaking. In the early 1970s, Tomaso Carini and his friends GianVittorio Cavanna, Pietro Tradico, and Lionello Sebasti embarked on a mission to rejuvenate Ama. They replanted vineyards and built a modern fermentation cellar, pioneering innovation in Chianti!

Marco Pallanti, a young Florentine agronomist, joined Ama in 1982. His extensive training at the University of Bordeaux, under the guidance of Patrick Léon, catapulted him into the role of winemaker, where he would shape the estate's future. Lorenza Sebasti, daughter of owner Lionello, took over estate management in 1993. For 40 years, Lorenza and Marco have shared a deep passion and vision for Ama, ensuring its legacy endures. The second generation of the Carini, Tradico, and Sebasti families remains an integral part of the company today, preserving the heritage and values that define Ama.

The Wine

About 75 hectares of vineyards adorn the landscape around the village of Ama. These vineyards are perched at elevations ranging from 420 to 527 meters above sea level, spanning four valleys known by their traditional names: Bellavista, San Lorenzo, La Casuccia, and Montebuoni.

Ama produces an average of 320,000 bottles each year, encompassing both Chianti Classico and IGT labels. These bottles encapsulate the essence of a place where the past, present, and future converge in every sip. At Castello di Ama, history, tradition, and innovation meld seamlessly to create wines that pay tribute to the enduring spirit of this remarkable estate.