Collection: Château Climens

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Château Climens' storied history traces back to the sixteenth century when the Roborel Climens family, the château's proprietors, nurtured and developed the vineyard. Over the years, the estate passed through the hands of five families, each contributing their unwavering dedication and careful selection to shape the wine's character. This relentless pursuit of excellence culminated in its elevation to premier cru status in the 1855 classification of Barsac.

In 1974, the Lurton family took the helm of Château Climens, ushering in a new era of ownership. Often referred to as the "Yquem of Barsac" or the "Lord of Barsac," Château Climens' flagship wine epitomizes pleasure and delight. Lucien Lurton, a renowned figure and owner of classified growths in the Médoc, lavished the domain with the care it deserved. In 1992, his daughter, Berenice Lurton, assumed the mantle, embracing the legacy and forging a path of her own.

The Wine

Perched atop the highest point of the Barsac appellation, Château Climens boasts over 30 hectares of continuous vineyard surrounding the château. The rich red soil, adorned with pebbles, rests upon a delicate layer of clayey, ferruginous sand, underpinned by a foundation of fractured starfish limestone. This harmonious blend of soils, combined with the gentle slope, naturally ushers in impeccable drainage.