Collection: Château de Pommard

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After meeting with David Soulard for a brilliant run through of all the single cuvees, plus the Clos du Monopole, we have been chomping at the bit to get these out for you to try. These are absolutely fascinating wines from Burgundy's largest monopole where winemaking has been taking place since 900 AD and we are exceptionally lucky to offer such a brilliant selection.

Situated in the serene landscapes of Burgundy, Château de Pommard stands as a living testament to a legacy of winemaking. With roots dating back to 1726, this estate weaves together centuries of tradition and innovation, crafting wines that capture the essence of the land and the dedication of its stewards.

The Marey-Monge family's history, found on Château de Pommard bottles, adds a captivating layer to the estate. At one time, Nicolas-Joseph Marey and Charlotte Émilie Monge owned vast vineyards, including Clos de Tart and all of Romanée-Saint-Vivant. Over the years, portions were sold, and Domaine Romanée Conti acquired the remaining 5 hectares in 1988. Marey-Monge still graces DRC's Romanée-Saint-Vivant as a tribute.

The Wine

Château de Pommard proudly stands as Burgundy's largest monopole, enclosed by a sturdy two-metre-high stone wall. Though considered one vineyard, the estate's commitment to detailed soil analysis has uncovered seven distinct terroirs. Each terroir is now treated separately in the winemaking process, alongside the Clos du Monopole, a blend of all seven sites. Winemaking traces back to 900 AD, embodying Burgundy's enduring viticultural history.

As mentioned, viticulture here is truly ancient but the most recent owners of the estate are Michael Baum and his wife Julie, who took over in 2014 and have been on a mission to renovate the winery, vineyards and winemaking practices. Biodynamic since 2016, 2021 is winemaker Paul Negrerie’s first vintage at the helm (although he has been with the team for three years). Paul says the vintage reminds him a little of 2011, a year which was under-rated but is now highly regarded and drinking exceptionally. The production levels here are small – in the case of the sensational and wildly aromatic Simone and laser focused and bright 75 Rangs, only 700 bottles or so have been made in 2021, and vines range up to around 90 years old. We are most certainly into Vieilles Vignes territory!

After been really blown away by these wines and we strongly urge you to have a look for yourself.