Collection: Domaine Vincent Girardin

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Vincent Girardin, a true Burgundian stalwart, has been a driving force in crafting exceptional wines that authentically represent their terroirs. His journey, beginning with a modest 3 hectares in the 1980s, has evolved into a remarkable 14 hectares of prime vineyard sites, along with an additional 19 hectares under lease. This expansion has firmly established Girardin as a purveyor of elegantly styled white Burgundies. This small parcel in Burgundy stole the hearts of the Wine Gurus here at Honest Grapes from the exceptional quality mixed with their incredibly affordable prices!

As he passes the torch to the capable hands of his son, Marco Girardin, the domaine's tradition of quality remains resolute. The dedication to showcasing the true character of Burgundy's vineyards lives on, resonating in each meticulously crafted bottle. Vincent Girardin's legacy continues to flourish with his unwavering commitment to crafting Burgundy's finest expressions.

With vineyards strategically scattered across renowned appellations, his wines are a symphony of varietal purity and regional identity. This meticulous selection of parcels ensures that every bottle encapsulates the unique essence of its terroir. Vincent Girardin's portfolio is a tapestry woven from Burgundy's finest threads.

The Wine

Head winemaker Eric Germain has ushered in a new era at Vincent Girardin, progressively transitioning towards biodynamic practices, earlier grape picking, reduced use of new oak, and a shift towards neutral barrels. These deliberate choices spotlight the essence of each vineyard plot, emphasizing the dynamic interplay between terroir and winemaking techniques. Recent vintages bear witness to this dedication, yielding profound expressions of character and vitality.

From the accessible allure of their entry-level gem, the Terroir Noble, to the distinguished crus of Puligny, each bottle encapsulates the essence of its origins. Vincent Girardin's wines offer an exceptional marriage of quality and value. These wines stand not only as tributes to Burgundy's illustrious heritage but also as testament to the enduring quest for excellence that drives the domaine.