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One of our all-time favourite producers from down under and “Winery of the Year 2021” in James Halliday’s Wine Companion - the official Australian Wine Bible - is Henschke Wines!

During a recent tasting with Johann Henschke we were fascinated to hear the story of this historic estate (whilst sampling some incredible wines!), which is one of the oldest and most impressive in Eden Valley. Most interesting of all was their pioneering approach to vinification, and in 1952 Cyril Henschke “stumbled on terroir”, finding two very different Shiraz expressions from their parcels on Mt Edelstone and the Hill of Grace, leading to the first vintage of the former, Australia’s first single vineyard wine!

At its core, Henschke is a family affair. Each generation has added to the family's legacy, and today, the fifth and sixth generations continue to uphold the tradition of crafting exceptional wines.

The Henschke vineyards are nestled in some of Australia's most prized wine regions. The Eden Valley, renowned for its cool climate and elevated vineyards, provides the perfect backdrop for producing wines of elegance and finesse. Meanwhile, the Barossa Valley, a region celebrated for its rich Shiraz wines, offers a canvas for crafting bold and robust expressions.

The Wine

While deeply rooted in tradition, Henschke embraces innovation. Central to their winemaking philosophy is the profound understanding of terroir. Each vineyard block is meticulously managed to reflect the unique character of the soil and microclimate. This terroir-driven approach ensures that Henschke wines authentically articulate the essence of their origins.

Henschke's portfolio includes an array of iconic wines that have earned both critical acclaim and a dedicated following. The "Hill of Grace" Shiraz, with its rich history and exceptional quality, stands as a testament to its winemaking prowess. Similarly, the "Mount Edelstone" Shiraz showcases the purity of Barossa Valley fruit.

Sustainability and stewardship of the land are paramount at Henschke. The estate has embraced biodynamic practices, highlighting their commitment to preserving the environment and nurturing their vineyards for generations to come.