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Ochota Barrels, founded by Taras and Amber Ochota in 2008, is a winery in the Adelaide Hills known for its natural and creative approach to winemaking. Having first represented Ochota Barrels back in 2015 and running tastings with Amber and the late Taras, these wines are very dear to our hearts! Nestled in the picturesque Adelaide Hills of South Australia, Ochota Barrels is a winery that dances to the rhythm of nature. They're all about letting nature do its thing with minimal intervention.

The Ochota Barrels team is passionate about sustainable and natural viticulture. They work with small, carefully selected vineyards that share their commitment to organic and biodynamic farming practices. These vineyards are scattered across cool-climate regions, allowing for the production of wines with incredible finesse and elegance.

The Wine

Ochota Barrels is known for its diverse range of wines, each with its unique personality and character. Whether it's the delicate and aromatic whites or the complex and structured reds, their portfolio showcases the incredible diversity of Australian terroir.

They experiment with unconventional winemaking methods, like whole-bunch fermentation and extended skin contact, resulting in wines that push boundaries and challenge the status quo. Ochota Barrels is not about mass production. They focus on quality over quantity, producing small batches of wine that are nothing short of exceptional. Each bottle is a labour of love, reflecting the passion and dedication of the Ochota family.