Collection: Samuel Billaud

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The Billaud family, one of the oldest winemaking clans in Chablis, has been synonymous with the region's winemaking heritage for generations. Samuel Billaud inherited not only the family's name but also their unwavering passion and profound knowledge of this wonderful profession. His father André, his grandfather Jean, and his great-grandfather Jules have all passed on the secrets of Chablis winemaking to him!

After two decades of honing his craft as a winemaker within the family estate, Samuel Billaud embarked on a journey to create his own winemaker's house. This venture led him to a new approach, one that involved carefully selecting grapes and meticulously tailoring vinification and ageing techniques to showcase the unique qualities of each plot and the Chardonnay grape variety.

The Wine

Since 2015, Domaine Samuel Billaud has called a new winery home—a space that seamlessly merges the time-honoured wisdom of the past with modern, technical design. Here, every effort is made to finely capture the typicity of each plot. Samuel has equipped the winery with cutting-edge presses and sorting tables, allowing him to work entirely by gravity.

Samuel Billaud is unwavering in his commitment to preserving the integrity of his soils and vines. Viewing the vineyard as an ecosystem in which all elements must be respected, he employs approved products in organic farming and diligently tends to the natural connections between the vine, soil, climate, and environment. This precise and meticulous work, coupled with self-sacrifice, culminates in the harvest—a time to gather quality grapes.

The pruning methods are carefully managed to limit grape yield and encourage the ripening of berries. Come harvest time, the process remains deliberate, with exclusively manual harvesting and transportation in small containers. The sorting table, a vital step, ensures that only perfectly healthy and ripe grapes make their way into the winemaking process. Samuel Billaud's commitment to biodiversity in his soils enhances the typicity and quality of his wines. His dedication to sustainability, combined with his respect for terroir, results in Chablis wines that are a true reflection of their origin—an art form passed down through generations!