Collection: Vega Sicilia

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Vega Sicilia, unquestionably Spain's most iconic producer, began its journey in 1864, etching its story deep within Ribera del Duero, Spain. With a legacy spanning over a century, this estate has honed the art of winemaking, upholding an unwavering commitment to quality. Generations of the Alvarez family have nurtured the estate's legacy.

The property is a whopping 700 meters above sea level in the shallow part of the Duero River Valley. The Unique climate of cold nights and hot days allows grapes to become perfectly ripe and develop a wonderful tannic structure, with a delightful backbone of acidity and therefore superb balance.

Vega Sicilia's wines have earned global recognition, securing their place among the world’s most sought-after wines. Whether it's the rich complexity of Unico or the elegant allure of Valbuena, each wine is a masterpiece reflecting the estate's essence.

The Wine

The Valbuena 5° takes its name from the village where it is produced. The wine is made from younger vines, although their aggregate age would compete with most other leading wines. It retains the cherry colour, and special, subtle oxidative evolution boasting espresso, bay leaf, refined tannins, cedar, mocha and incredible charm. It is released younger because it can be enjoyed sooner, spending three years ageing in barrel and two years in bottle. It is aged in new barrels, 50% French oak, imparting vanilla, toast and brioche, as well as 50% in American oak, adding coconut and spice.

The Único probably goes through the world's longest ageing period of a red wine, almost 10 years between oak and bottle. The different stages take place in different types of barrels; American and French oak, new and used. After this stage, the Único is aged in bottle to complete a long and complex ageing process. The Único remains true to a clear and well-defined style, with an inimitable character and style; elegance, strength, ageing capacity... A unique and timeless taste that has elevated it to one of the great classic wines.