Wine Wisdom with Tom Harrow at Honest Grapes - Chocolate & Wine Pairing

It's time for Wine Wisdom and this week, our wine guru Tom Harrow talks about our upcoming Chocolate & Wine Masterclass, highlighting two Italian reds which pair perfectly with chocolate. Keeping with the sweet theme, we have a delicious and simple dessert idea for you and, on the fine wine side, we're introducing a wine from the king of grapes - En Premier Clemens Busch Riesling 2015. You will also learn how we can make choosing the perfect gift an easy task and a very insightful wine tip for vintellect.
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60 seconds of Wine Wisdom

Wine Wisdom with Tom Harrow at Honest Grapes

Chocolate & Wine Pairing with Honest Grapes & Cocoba Chocolate
On the 6th of October from 6.30pm - 8:30pm join us at Oliver Sweeney in Covent Garden as we partner up with Cocoba Chocolate, to bring you the sweetest event of the year. We wanted to experiment with something a bit different, using only the finest chocolate, from the very best cocoa beans personally sourced by owner Darren Litton. We thought this was a great match for our own small batch, handmade, quality wines.

Premium Wine:

la_giaretta_cor_vini_2012_webLa Giaretta Cor di Vin 95 Rosso Veronese, 2013

Cor is the Verona dialect word for heart, whereas di vin means of wine: that is heart of wine. 95 because it consist of a blend of two fine grape varieties. 96% Corvina, the queen of our grapes, and 5% Marselan, a French vine coming from a crossing between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache. This wine has a 15 month aging process in small French oak barrels which is chosen from only the best French forests.

la_giaretta_amarone_s_2La Giaretta della Valpolicella Amarone Classico, 2012

From a very small, family run operation in the heart of the Valpolicella Classico zone, in Marano with a total production of 70,000 bottles per year. Amarone is one of those wines that once you're hooked it's difficult to let go. It's pure Black Forest Gateaux in the mouth with edges of cedar and a wonderful whack of creamy oak on the finish.  It has fine tannins, great structure and a lush quality to it.

This week's recipe:
Chocolate Cherries
Perfect for dinner parties or desert. Get some fresh black cherries and dip them in quality chocolate e.g. Cocoba chocolate, then pop them in the fridge till the chocolate has set then you have something great to serve at the end of dinner.

Fine Wine:
En Primeur Clemens Busch 2015 Riesling
We were very chuffed that on Tuesday night we were able to preview the top 2015 Grosses Gewachs releases of the top dry Rieslings from our start Mosel producer Clemens Busch. We previously offered a selection of Clemens' laser sharp, richly textured and terroir defined wines (06-14 which are still available on our site). After reaching our crowd sourced target of 300 bottles, but with 2015's just released, we can add these to this month's shipment if you get your order in now.
All are priced as cases of 6 bottles En Primeur, and can be delivered Duty Paid. Deliveries in October for orders placed this week.
Marienburg Riesling 'Falkenlay' £228.00
As the name implies, to this day flacons nest in the stone crevices in this area. On this predominatly grey slate the wines tend toward creaminess and fruitiness. Dense and voluptuous - a collector's item (drink 2021-2040+)
Marienburg Riesling Spatlese 'Goldkapsel' £184.80
The 'gold foil' Spatlese is the ultimate expression of Clemens' craft in this style. Great purity and poise on this wine, which you'll be wanting to drink way before its peak. (drink 2018-2050)
If interested please contact or

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Why you should pick Riesling at a restaurant...
That little bit residual sugar whether it's in sparkling or Riesling makes these wines very moreish and very adaptable, great with a whole range of cuisines say for example - you go out to your favourite Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian restaurant, and you want a wine to choose, Riesling would work very well because of the lick of residual sugar. It's not as sweet or as perfumed as a Gewurztraminer which is a kind of marmite grape variety, you either love it or hate it, but it's very adaptable, very accessible and very delicious.