Collection: Airfield Estates

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Nestled in the fertile soils of Washington Wine Country, Airfield Estates is a name synonymous with a profound love for the land and a dedication to crafting exceptional wines. With a rich history rooted in aviation and agriculture, this family-owned estate takes pride in producing wines that pay tribute to their heritage while pushing the boundaries of winemaking.

Founded by H. Lloyd Miller, a visionary aviator and farmer, Airfield Estates draws inspiration from its aviation legacy. The iconic airfield that once graced this land still stands as a reminder of the family's pioneering spirit and enduring commitment to quality.

The Wine

Airfield Estates' vineyards are a tapestry of diverse terroirs, reflecting the unique characteristics of the Yakima Valley. The estate's commitment to sustainable and responsible farming practices ensures that the grapes ripen to perfection, embodying the essence of the land.

Their wine portfolio soars to great heights, capturing the essence of the Yakima Valley's terroir. The Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, known for its rich, velvety texture and bold fruit flavours, is a shining example of the estate's dedication to excellence.

The H. Lloyd Red Blend pays homage to the estate's founder, a wine that marries varietals to create a harmonious symphony of flavours. It's a testament to the estate's ability to craft wines that tell a story.

Airfield Estates is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly winemaking practices. From responsible farming to minimal intervention in the cellar, the estate's approach honours the land and the generations to come.