Collection: Château Palmer

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Château Palmer’s unrelenting drive for quality over quantity means some vintages are hard to get hold of but are a tremendous treat if you do and we are lucky enough to have our hands on some here at Honest Grapes!

Nestled at the heart of Margaux, Château Palmer stands as a testament to Bordeaux's storied winemaking heritage. With a legacy that spans centuries, Château Palmer produces wines that seamlessly blend time-honoured traditions with contemporary expertise. As Robert Parker once commented "Palmer can be as profound as many First Growths... The style of Palmer is one of sensational fragrance and bouquet, so much so that great vintages can be identified in blind tastings by their smell alone.”

The Wine

Located in Cantenac, just outside the village of Margaux, Château Palmer's 66 hectares of vines are perched upon a plateau of gravel, sand, and clay soils, overlooking the Gironde estuary. The vineyard's remarkable composition includes Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, alongside Petit Verdot. Some vines, aged over 70 years, contribute to the wines' richness and complexity.

Château Palmer's meticulous winemaking process begins in conical stainless-steel vats, allowing separate fermentation of each variety and parcel. This thoughtful approach permits careful selection and blending. The resultant wine speaks to the timeless magic of Bordeaux and the incredible terroir of Margaux.