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A true treasure in Beaujolais, Didier Desvignes is a name etched in eleven generations of winemaking tradition. The Desvignes family, aptly named "of the vines," have cultivated their craft across ages.

Didier's fondness for Gamay blossomed early, as he began pruning vines at the tender age of eleven. His remarkable palate astounded family members during tastings, showcasing his knack for identifying aromas within the estate's varied bottlings and vintages. A challenge from his father during his teenage years to lead the vinification of a harvest solidified Didier's path as the head winemaker – a role he has proudly held since.

In 1981, Didier Desvignes acquired his inaugural Morgon parcel, christening it Domaine du Calvaire de Roche-Grès. This nod to ancient menhirs symbolizing the Stations of the Cross underscores Didier's profound bond with his vines.

The Wine

Today, Didier Desvignes cultivates vineyards across the region, crafting wines from five esteemed Beaujolais Crus. Didier's meticulous vinification of each plot and single vineyard reveals Beaujolais's distinct nuances. In a region often marked by high yields and mass production, Didier Desvignes's wines stand out with their concentration, finesse, and generosity – a testament to the enduring link between family and land.

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