Collection: Clos Rougeard

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Located amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Loire Valley, Clos Rougeard stands as a testament to cherished tradition and exceptional winemaking. Spanning generations, this estate is committed to crafting wines that honour the land and reflect the skill of its dedicated team. Beloved by industry insiders and knowledgeable connoisseurs the world over, Clos Rougeard is one of the most highly regarded wines in France.

At Clos Rougeard, a skilled team drives the quality of the wines. From tending the vines to managing the cellar, they infuse each bottle with their dedication. Guided by their experienced winemaker, they embody tradition and excellence.

The Wine

Clos Rougeard holds a special place in the hearts of industry experts and discerning connoisseurs worldwide. Its reputation as one of France's esteemed wines is unparalleled. It stands apart from its counterparts, not residing in Bordeaux, Burgundy, or Champagne but in the Loire Valley. Their vineyards bear the mark of the sun and the earth where they span 10 hectares, across the appellations of Saumur and Saumur Champigny. The unique terroir of the Loire Valley is evident in every grape, and each vineyard section contributes its own character to the wines. From the subtle notes of the whites to the rich depth of the reds, the wines mirror a strong bond with the land.

The unrivalled quality of the wines is largely due to the extremely demanding viticultural standards practiced at the estate since the 1960s; with the high density planted vineyards remaining entirely untouched by chemical treatments, and always farmed organically. Everything is done by hand (or foot) and follows traditional methods with minimal intervention. Élevage lasts for at least two years in very cool deep underground Tuffeau cellars in oak. With age, the wines offer an almost Burgundian texture and aromatic profile with a purity of the fruit, a wonderfully seamless silky edge, and a natural elegance that is the antithesis of forcefulness. The underlying structure is magnificently refined.

The estate produces three red wines, including two parcel selections: ‘Les Poyeux’, a full-bodied yet refined wine, with a beautiful dark ruby colour; and 'Bourg', a dense wine which undergoes 18-24 months' élevage in new oak barrels (just 3,000 bottles of each cuvée are produced per year on average). As for white, the Brézé cuvée is the greatest expression of dry Chenin in the Loire Valley, often with age compared to great White Burgundy! The wines from Clos Rougeard, always exceptionally collectable, are in even higher demand.