Collection: Domaine des Lambrays

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Here at Honest Grapes, we are thrilled to have such a special grower in our collection. Situated in the heart of Burgundy, Domaine des Lambrays holds a rich history that reflects the essence of this esteemed wine region. With a legacy dating back through the ages, this estate has carved a significant place in Burgundy's winemaking heritage

Located in Morey-Saint-Denis, Domaine des Lambrays is deeply connected to its surroundings. The estate's vineyards encompass a range of premier crus and grand crus, representing the diverse terroir of Burgundy. These vineyards yield wines that offer a genuine taste of the land.

Guided by the expertise of winemaker Jacques Devauges, Domaine des Lambrays has earned its place among Burgundy's elite. Devauges' deep understanding of the vineyards, combined with traditional winemaking techniques, allows the grapes' true character to shine through in every bottle.

The Wine

At the core of the estate lies the grand cru vineyard, Clos des Lambrays. Enclosed by walls, this vineyard symbolises the spirit of Domaine des Lambrays, producing wines with remarkable finesse and depth. This grand cru is a true masterpiece, a result of the dedicated team behind the estate.

The domaine's portfolio boasts an array of Burgundian gems, ranging from premier crus to the coveted Clos des Lambrays grand cru. Each wine reflects the meticulous work done in both the vineyards and the cellar. Balancing delicacy with expression and complexity with accessibility, Domaine des Lambrays' wines showcase the artistry intrinsic to Burgundy.