Collection: Domaine Henri Magnien

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A recent addition to our Burgundy Portfolio and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Charles as he pushes further forward into the front rank of Gevrey Chambertin growers. Considered one of the rising stars of Burgundy, his estate is blessed with old vines of Pinot Noir, some of which are centenarians, bringing spice and power to his wines.

Guided by the capable hands of Charles Magnien, Domaine Henri Magnien owns prized vineyard plots in Gevrey's esteemed Cotes St Jacques. These plots, including Lavaut, Estournelles, and the renowned "Le Petit Chambertin" strip in Cazetiers, form the cornerstone of Charles's winemaking philosophy.

The Wine

The domaine owns some prime sites in the northwest quadrant of Gevrey, an area known locally as the Cotes St Jacques, including holdings in Lavaut and Estournelles and a great strip running the length of Cazetiers, known as the “Le Petit Chambertin” because it has the same combination of soil types. Charles is also very particular about oak – choosing his own wood, exclusively now from the forests of Fontainbleu and Chatillons, and giving to his preferred tonneliere Chauvin. He finds the different forests favour different cuvées and that it is not so much the percentage of new oak but rather the type of wood and level of toast that is most important.

These wines, marked by their richness and vitality, mirror Gevrey-Chambertin's renowned terroir. From Lavaut to Estournelles, Cazetiers to "Le Petit Chambertin," each bottle narrates its unique story, embodying the heritage of the domaine.