Collection: Eisele Vineyard

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Eisele Vineyard sits in the northeast of Napa Valley, just east of Calistoga, on one of the region’s most hallowed terroirs. The estate was an early adopter of organic viticulture before fully converting to biodynamics in 2000. The wines themselves invariably express the exceptional depth, elegance and longevity which are the hallmarks of the great Eisele Vineyard.

The story of Eisele Vineyards started with Milton and Barbara Eisele, who acquired the estate in the 1960s. Their vision and dedication laid the foundation for a winemaking journey that would span generations. Today, their commitment to producing wines of character and distinction continues to drive the estate forward!

The Wine

At Eisele Vineyards, the belief in the importance of terroir is paramount. The estate's vineyards, graced by the sun-drenched days and cool nights of Napa Valley, yield grapes that are a pure expression of their unique terroir. From the gravelly soils to the microclimates, each element contributes to wines of exceptional quality.

Eisele Vineyards is not merely a winemaking estate; it's a testament to the harmony between nature and viticulture. Sustainable practices, meticulous vineyard management, and a profound respect for the environment are integral to their winemaking philosophy. The result is wines that reflect the vitality of the land.

Crafting world-class wines requires a blend of tradition and innovation. Eisele Vineyards combines time-honoured winemaking techniques with state-of-the-art facilities. From hand-harvesting to gentle pressing and oak barrel ageing, their approach is marked by precision and a commitment to excellence. Eisele Vineyards is renowned for its Cabernet Sauvignon, a varietal that finds its ultimate expression in the Napa Valley terroir. These wines, with their depth, complexity, and structure, have earned a place among the most coveted Cabernets in the world. While Cabernet Sauvignon is the estate's flagship, Eisele Vineyards offers a diverse portfolio of wines. From Sauvignon Blanc to Altagracia, each bottle represents a unique facet of Napa Valley's viticultural tapestry.