Burgers - the Ultimate Wine Pairing?

Thursday was National Burger Day, one of our favourite national food days here at Honest Grapes. As is always the way in the office, we started thinking about the perfect wine to pair with a beautifully cooked medium-rare American Classic. A lively debate ensued but, as always, the rabble demurred to our Chief Wine Person, Tom 'Wine Chap' Harrow.
So, what did Tom declare as the ultimate burger tipple?

Tom Says... “The US is the home of the burger so its apt to go Californian with your choice. Spicy, sweet-fruited, very cherry Zinfandel should almost be considered a topping you enjoy as a separate mouthful rather than a pairing. Cheese burger? Bring on the vibrant young fresh fruit and lifted acidity to cut through the Monterey Jack. Chilli burger? The Brownstone’s brash berry fruit and hints of five-spice will not be cowed by fire, even adding a twist of cracked black pepper to the flames. Veggie Burger? Soft tannins and rich flavours will act as an external marinade to your aubergine/tofu/yucca plant etc… Burger & Zin – sounds like a range of German kitchen knives but actually the ultimate Californian Comfort Combo.”

For more American goodness here's Tom talking through our picks from wine across the pond:

Californian wines for the 4th of July from Honest Grapes on Vimeo.