Burgundy lovers will be thrilled to hear that we are once again gearing up for the annual Hospices de Beaune auction next month, and are now taking the preliminary call for the 2020 crowdfunded syndicate.

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Previous members have placed their commitments, and now we can offer this wonderful chance to participate in a slice of history, where these barrels of fine wine produced at the famous Hospices de Beaune are auctioned for charity. Honest Grapes selects the wines, organises the syndicate, underwrites the project and élevage (maturation) in partnership with an illustrious winemaker. The wines are produced in very small quantities, so club members gain the benefit of top grade exclusive wines. Owning their own Hospices wine is on the bucket list for most Burgundy lovers, and our syndicates allows members to own a smaller share of the better quality wines rather than financing their own barrel (although as per below – we can organise whole barrels too, bottles from which which make particularly impressive gifts for friends and clients).

Head Wine Guru Tom with Burgundy superstar Etienne de Montille, who is making the wine for the 2019 Hospices de Beaune syndicate.

We won’t be organising a trip for syndicate members to Beaune this November for obvious reasons, but will sort out online sessions and a trip to the estate when conditions allow.

We haven’t yet set the subscription price as we are awaiting information on the cuvées and expected auction pricing. Private shares last year were a nominal £2,400, entitling shareholders to 24 bottles of red, 24 bottles of white or 12 of each. Corporate shares are for a minimum of 144 bottles and for this quantity private labelling is possible. We offer a simple premium of £90 per share or part share for bottling in magnums or jeroboams. Payment is 80% in advance and the remaining funds within the week following the auction. As we will not know the price of the wine until the auction is completed, please be aware that the share price may be up to 15% above the nominal amount. Last year we came in on budget for the white and 8% below budget for the red, it just depends on the barrels we end up buying at auction. We take advice from our winemaker, Jasper Morris and Ludivine Griveau on the barrels for which we bid. We have not yet finalised the élevage arrangements as we shall need to arrange these differently this year.

If you have any questions about participation, please get in touch with us at info@honestgrapes.co.uk as soon as possible as we will be finalising the syndicate shortly, and stay tuned for futher information!