News Review - the first few months

Honest Grapes wishes you a Very Happy New Year. Below is a snapshot of titles and articles since our launch in September. Some featuring the company, others written by our wine director Tom Harrow. See you in 2015, and we look forward to helping you break some resolutions when it comes to abstaining from your favourite tipple.


FT, How To Spend It – “Bordeaux Games” A two-part report from Bordeaux
for How To Spend It’s Haute Seat column,
based on two excellent back-to-back trips
with clients, complete with helicopters,
fine dining and the best wines of both Banks.

“Visitors who spend time in London
soon complain like locals about the crowds,
traffic, weather, tourists, Central Line, prices etc…
But it only takes a few days outside the capital
before they start missing ATMs, sun-dried tomatoes,
the presence of elegant footwear and being able
to get a cab after 1am. Bordeaux inspires the reverse effect…”


Accouter – “The Wine Cellar”

A piece for the luxury interiors annual
on how to start and maintain a cellar,
and advice on some of the best releases of 2014
to include in your portfolio.

"A cellar is not just for very expensive wines.
That case of recently purchased £15 per bottle 2012 Chablis
will taste better in 3-4 years, while the ‘07 you judiciously bought
four years ago should be drinking now
with a complexity worth the money you paid at the time."   


Noble Rot – Ageing Tastes A reflective piece for the hippest wine periodical in the UK
on how it’s not just wines that mature and degrade over time
but also palates…
“As infants our palates are at their most sensitive
but unsurprisingly it’s a time when we are least likely to appreciate it…”


On Board – Toast the Coast
First column for On Board, the yachting professionals’ magazine,
on great vineyards in coastal regions…
“Vines benefit from being close to the sea.
Offshore breezes cool the vineyards preventing rot and mildew
and by moderating temperatures in hotter regions,
make for a more moderate climate, allowing a longer,
more even ripening process…”


South West & TimeOut
Both ran features promoting our Big Day Out in November
at Battersea’s Testbed1, which featured 60 excellent wines
from some of the world’s best niche, artisan growers,
food by Street Kitchen, our newly-curated Chocolate for Wine Lovers selection from Cocoa Runners and teas from Lalani.

There were also sabraging demonstrations
and competitions throughout the afternoon
for luxury meat packs from Meat Porter and
bottles of Frerejean Frères Champagne.
We were delighted that although Honest Grapes
was barely a month old,
over 400 people attended our first event.
From Twitter: "Few things make a better Sunday than wine tasting w clever wine people we salute you"


“Honest Grapes: Wine tasting with a difference"

A profile of Honest Grapes’ WineChap Grand Crew Classé service

“Wine connoisseurs beware:
Hiring Tom Harrow of Honest Grapes is likely to result in
both a hilarious evening and quite contrary information…”


Foodism - “Wines to Watch”

2015 wine predictions for Square Mile’s
new gastronomy publication:

The releases, regions and restaurants in London to watch
in the new year, including Burgundy, English Sparklers, China,
Romania, smaller, seasonal lists, social media and direct sales,
and Stevie Parle’s new restaurant…