Pop your corks like a Pro

When you have invested in a wine that you like, the last thing you want is to spoil it by leaving it open or break the cork and see pieces of it in your glass. To help you have the best wine experience all throughout, we just launched a great new range of wine accessories from AVINA on our website.
AVINA Wine Accessories are the result of great craftsmanship and design, built to last a lifetime. David Turner, the founder of the company, created AVINA in Spain, in the heart of wine making country, surrounded by natural beauty and lush vineyards. We asked David about the importance of having a good corkscrew and bottle stopper.
Cork is an extraordinary natural material. Harvested from the bark of the Cork Oak tree it’s native to the western Mediterranean where Portugal is the biggest producer with more than 725,000 hectares of cork forest alone. Trees have a lifespan of 150 to 200 years but by law can only be stripped of its bark once every nine years, then left to regenerate, so are naturally renewable.
Cork is completely impermeable to liquids and gases, and the low density has a unique ability to withstand heat, vibration and sound.
In the 18th century, when glass blowers were first able to make bottles with narrow necks, airtight storage became possible and the best seal for this type of bottle was a cork. By 1795 the first patented corkscrews were made in England, T-shaped devices to pull the cork from the bottle top.
Since then all kinds of elaborate mechanical devices have been created to separate the snug relationship between bottle and cork, some more successful than others.
The cell structure of cork gives it an elastic property, which is why it will return to its original shape when compression is removed. Ideal for preserving wine, however the force required to pull the cork from the bottle is in the range of 200-400 Newtons.
This force puts pressure on each part of a corkscrew and over time it’s not unusual for the moving parts to wear out or break completely.
If your corkscrew breaks during a dinner party with friends, or special occasion it’s frustrating, but there are numerous other ways you can extract a cork using a shoe, bicycle pump, house key, coat hanger, or hammer and nail.
However, at Avina we think it’s a lot less stress investing in a solid, well-made corkscrew that’s built to last. So, for wine lovers that want a good quality, easy-to-use corkscrew what should they look for?
The two designs we are most familiar with today are the waiters corkscrew (or wine key) and the wing corkscrew.
The waiters corkscrew has the benefit of an integrated foil cutter and a serrated blade makes cutting the capsule easier. The spiral (or worm) should have a slot groove along the centre which makes it easier to penetrate both natural and synthetic corks. The fulcrum, which rests on the bottle neck for leverage should be at least 12mm wide, otherwise this can easily slip and chip the bottle glass under force.
The wing corkscrew has a ring to place over the bottle neck and as the worm is screwed into the cork the gears raise double levers on either side. On a solid surface the corkscrew should be easy to hold so the bottle is stable. With this mechanism pressing down on both levers reduces the amount of force necessary to extract the cork.
Both designs are suitable for home use and although the waiters corkscrew is compact and lightweight, it does need a little more practice to get proficient with.
Once opened no one likes to waste good wine, but I’m sure we’ve all gone to the fridge to get that half bottle of wine you were saving, only to find it’s now a puddle in your vegetable draw. But storing wine isn’t easy, corks naturally expand and are difficult to force back into the bottle, so getting a good wine stopper makes sense and saves money.
The Avina locking bottle stopper is leak-proof and creates an airtight seal that can preserve wine for up to 5 days, essential for laying bottles on their side in your refrigerator.
All Avina products are a combination of art and engineering. Designed to look good in any kitchen and made from toughened materials to last a lifetime. All products are backed with a lifetime guarantee so you will never have to buy another corkscrew again.
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