Cheese board with some wine

How Many Calories are in a Glass of White Wine?

Whether you’re planning on indulging in a glass of First Growth Sauternes with a sliver of Roquefort, or you’re enjoying a zingy Riesling, it’s useful to know how many calories are in a glass of white wine. Although it’s usually that delightful cheese board we set our blame on, the white wine isn’t without fault!

In order to know just how many calories are in your glass of wine, it’s important to look at the most important factor – how much sugar is in your wine.

During the fermentation process, yeast eats the sugar in the juice and turns it into alcohol. Sometimes this process is interrupted because the wine is meant for sweeter pastures (dessert wines). The more residual sugar in the wine, the more calories per glass.

Here is the easy answer: On average white wine is 120 calories per 175 ml glass.

Let’s break it down even more…

  • Champagne: 124 calories
  • Chardonnay: 120 calories
  • Pinot Grigio: 122 calories
  • Sauvignon Blanc: 119 Calories
  • Prosecco: 90 Calories
And that luscious Sauternes we were talking about? That will be about 209 calories per 175 ml – so best to limit these white dessert wines to special occasions (or enjoy in moderation).
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