Six bottles of rose wine

How Many Calories in a Bottle of Rosé Wine?

Though this prettily pink drink musters up thoughts of seaside lounging and sunsets on the French Riviera, we often forget that there are calories in a bottle of rosé wine. Sadly, it looks like we won’t get our beach body glugging the stuff, but it’s always good to know what we can enjoy in moderation.

Rosé is sandwiched between red and white wines in colour and body, and as its own entity it ranges from ever so slightly light-pink hues to deep magentas, and from sweeter fruity notes to bone-dry with herbaceous hints.

Calories come from two things: sugar and alcohol content. With white wine generally having lower ABV than red, it makes sense that it is probably a little less sinful in terms of the waistline (bar that 14% buttery chardonnay). Alcohol comes from the process of fermenting sugar, so the higher the alcohol content, the more sugar is in the wine, thus the more calories. You then have dessert wines which will be much higher in residual sugar, meaning it will be a considerably more calories in your bottle of rosé wine.

Let’s break this down.

In an average bottle of white wine you’ll have 600 calories.

In an average bottle of red wine you’ll have 625 calories.

So your bottle of rosé wine will sit between these two varieties depending on its alcohol content. As a rule of thumb, your average rosé (a lot of which have a slight sweetness to them) will contains 625 calories, but if you’re reaching for that peach-coloured dry and herbaceous Provence style rosé, it probably sits closer to the 600 calories mark.

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