Collection: Domaine Guiberteau

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Every now and then, you taste a wine that completely knocks you for six, leaving you standing there with a half-puzzled expression, eyes gazing reverently at the liquid in your glass. Such was at least Tom our head Wine Guru’s first experience tasting the incredible wines of Domaine Guiberteau of the Loire Valley.

For those less familiar with this rising star, the estate goes back roughly 100 years, but it was only recently that third-generation Romain took the vineyards back under family control in 1996.

Romain Guiberteau, the ambitious young producer, set out to make wines that defy convention and embody the very essence of the land. With a background that includes apprenticing under Nady Foucault at the legendary Clos Rougeard, Romain's dedication to his craft is palpable in every bottle he produces. As he himself asserts, "An internship with Clos Rougeard is an internship for life." Romain's mentorship under Nady provided him with an invaluable foundation, propelling his wines to the forefront of the wine world.

The Wine

With 17 hectares of vineyards predominantly situated on the hill of Brézé & vines reaching up to 80 years old, Romain works with arguably the Loire's finest terroirs, which he shares with other pioneering producers such as Clos Rougeard. The Foucaults were in fact more than just neighbours - Nady took a personal interest in Domaine Guiberteau, becoming Romain's tutor and driving the estate towards organic conversion (certified in 2007). From there Guiberteau has continued to rise up the ranks and easily numbers among Saumur's top five producers, with wines that bear the stamp of Romain's tutelage under Clos Rougeard but at eye-wateringly attractive prices.

Romain Guiberteau's journey is a testament to the power of mentorship, passion, and a deep connection to the land. His wines are a reflection of his dedication to creating something extraordinary, to capturing the essence of Brézé in a bottle. Destined to be a future icon in the region, now is the time to load up on these incredible wines.