Collection: Domaine Launay-Horiot

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A true gem in the Honest Grapes collection and an extra special range of wines that are so delightfully rare, yet we are lucky enough to have them to share with you.

Domaine Launay-Horiot, a family-owned estate that has carved its name into the history of Pommard. Guided by an intriguing narrative, this winery boasts a remarkable story that culminates in exceptional wines that reflect the heart and soul of Burgundy.

Since the 18th century, Domaine Launay-Horiot has stood as a bastion of winemaking tradition in Pommard. This estate's legacy stretches across the Burgundy landscape, with hectares of vineyards gracing the surroundings of Pommard and small, cherished parcels in the renowned Grand Crus of Chambertin and Latricières-Chambertin.

At the core of the Launay-Horiot saga lies an epic tale of adversity and triumph. Xavier Horiot, a former French air force pilot, found himself at the helm of the estate along with his aunt after the passing of his grandfather. Departing from his military career, Xavier embarked on an arduous journey to fulfil his grandfather's final wish—to revive the Domaine and perpetuate the family's passion for wine. A relentless legal battle spanning over a decade ensued, safeguarding the family legacy and the precious vineyards. In 2011, after a gruelling ordeal, Xavier's unwavering determination secured the beloved vineyards.

The Wine

In 2014, Xavier realized his long-held dream of crafting his own wines. Collaborating with Veronique Girard, he breathed life into the estate's vineyards with meticulous care. Xavier's approach reflected both his patience and precision, crafting delicate Pommards and expert Chambertins that epitomize their terroirs. With an extraordinary attention to detail, he orchestrates the entire winemaking process to perfection.

Xavier's devotion to his craft is evident in every step of the winemaking process. From the meticulous harvesting of grapes in small boxes to the extended fermentation in the frosty cellars, his methods result in wines that exude pure elegance. A unique touch is his practice of playing classical music to the wine and vines, an artistry that translates into celestial producions.

Domaine Launay-Horiot's wines narrate a story of resilience and passion, echoing the journey of Xavier Horiot and his unyielding commitment to producing wines that embody the essence of Burgundy. Each bottle captures the essence of the landscape, the history, and the dedication that defines this remarkable estate.