Collection: Exton Park

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Exton Park, a modern vineyard situated on the sweeping chalklands of Hampshire. With three meticulously planned plantings spanning a decade, this expansive 55-acre vineyard stands as one of the county's largest. The terroir precisely mirrors the famous Champagne vineyards just eighty miles away across the Channel, benefitting from a similar cool, northerly climate. A favourite amongst the Wine Gurus here at Honest Grapes, and an English Sparkling wine that our customers and Club Members also adore!

Owner Malcolm Isaac's commitment to the environment is evident throughout, from the eco-friendly cellar room to the solar panels powering temperature control. Sustainability is more than a concept here; it's a way of life. Exton Park is not only about crafting exceptional wines; it's a symbol of sustainable winemaking.

The transformation of Exton Park from vineyard to sparkling wine powerhouse began in 2011 when renowned winemaker Corinne Seely took the reins. Her arrival marked a turning point, propelling Exton Park into the upper echelons of English sparkling wine production. Corinne's expertise and dedication have translated into accolades and recognition, all while maintaining a sense of humility that lets the wines speak for themselves.

The Wine

The vineyard's philosophy is rooted in the belief that exceptional wines will always rise to the top, gaining the recognition they deserve. As Corinne shared, "I like challenges, and England is certainly the greatest challenge so far! I have never met a terroir quite as special as here at Exton Park, so I am thrilled to be part of this blossoming project."

Exton Park's vines are nurtured to perfection across three distinctive plantings. The result is a range of sparkling wines that pay homage to the chalk-rich terroir of Hampshire while embracing the expertise of a winemaking star.