Collection: Valdicava

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Valdicava, a Tuscan estate that encapsulates the essence of Montalcino's rich viticultural heritage. Renowned wine critic Robert Parker himself lauds Valdicava, positioning it among the top echelon of Brunello di Montalcino producers. The estate's wines stand as a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship that elevate them to this excellent status. Here at Honest Grapes’, we are thrilled to share such an excellent array of wines with our customers and club members!

Winemaker Attilio Pagli and agronomist Andrea Paoletti contribute their wealth of knowledge to nurture the vineyards and craft exceptional wines. Valdicava's success is guided by the expertise of esteemed consultants. With a commitment to excellence, Valdicava produces a limited quantity of around 5000 cases per year.

The Wine

The estate's wines have garnered accolades and recognition, including a perfect 100-point score from James Suckling for the 2001 Madonna del Piano. Vincenzo Abruzzese's skilful winemaking has propelled the estate to cult status among the wine elite. Valdicava's Brunellos are a true treasure for fine wine collectors.

In the dynamic landscape of Montalcino winemaking, Valdicava strikes a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation. Embracing elements from both traditional and modern practices, the estate's wines maintain the structure and aromas associated with classic Brunello, while embracing the elegance and harmony of contemporary approaches.