Collection: Anna Maria Abbona

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Anna Maria Abbona is a remarkable estate nestled in the scenic hills near the town of Dogliani. Anna Maria herself is a delightful lady whose charm and passion are beautifully reflected in the wines she creates.

The roots of the estate trace back to 1936 when Anna Maria's grandfather, Angelo, established their first vineyard called Maioli. Today, these very vines continue to thrive, producing a sensational Dolcetto that captivates the senses. In those early days, the grapes were not vinified on the estate but instead sent to the local cooperative. However, in 1989, when the family vineyards were at risk of being uprooted, Anna Maria and her husband took matters into their own hands and started crafting wines themselves.

While the wines from Anna Maria Abbona are primarily based on the Dolcetto grape, which has earned the area DOCG status, their portfolio showcases the other major Langhe grape varieties. It was during a visit to the Slow Food Fair, Cheese, held in Bra every two years, where the Dolcetto caught the attention of many, including ourselves, as it was served by Beppino Occelli alongside his delectable cheeses. It was a truly unforgettable experience.

The winery's philosophy revolves around crafting wines with a distinct personality and a specific identity that result from the profound connection between indigenous grape varieties and their chosen terroir.

The Wine

Anna Maria Abbona's wines reflect the passion and dedication that goes into their creation. From the flagship Dolcetto to a range of exceptional wines, the portfolio showcases the diversity and quality of the region.

These wines are made exclusively from 100% single-varietal grapes. The choice of white limestone soils and vineyard altitudes above 500 meters contributes to the wines' freshness and drinkability. The higher altitude also ensures constant ventilation, reducing the risk of fungal diseases and promoting healthier grape growth. Additionally, the temperature fluctuations in the region result in thicker grape skins, which enhance the wines' concentration of aroma, colour, and tannins.

The estate's expertise lies in their Dolcetto wines, which offer an enchanting expression of this indigenous grape variety. However, the range extends beyond Dolcetto, encompassing other esteemed Langhe grape varieties. Whether it's the elegant whites, fresh and vibrant reds, or the enticing dessert wines, each bottle exemplifies the distinct character of the grapes and the terroir.

With a commitment to sustainability and an unwavering focus on quality, Anna Maria Abbona crafts wines that delight the senses and capture the essence of the land. From the carefully tended vineyards to the traditional winemaking techniques, every step is taken to ensure the wines embody the best that the region has to offer.