Collection: Celler Alimara

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It’s no secret that Spain’s Terra Alta has some of the best value wines in Europe, and Celler Alimara is behind some of our favourite wines from the region! Run by husband and wife Andy & Ali McLeod, we’ve always been keen supporters of this star grower and their wines are clear favourites with Club Members.

Andy's career took him to California and France, where he had the opportunity to witness the art of winemaking firsthand. Fuelling his passion, Andy pursued a winemaking course at UC Davis, while the entire family pursued various qualifications from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

When their son Rob and his partner Elena discovered the wine potential of Terra Alta, it was an easy decision for the entire family, including daughter Isobel, to invest in vibrant vineyards adorned with ripe Mediterranean grapes. A couple of years later, the family made the pivotal decision to establish a winery, giving birth to the wines of Celler Alimara.

The name "Alimara," meaning "beacon" in Catalan, symbolises the McLeod family's aspiration to shine a light on the emerging quality and diversity of wines from this captivating region. Just as fire beacons were used to swiftly transmit signals between towns and populations, the family desired to be seen as a beacon, carrying a message of Terra Alta's growing reputation. "Llumí," meaning "match," represents the spark that ignites the flames, while "El Senyal," meaning "signal," embodies the message that resonates throughout the land from the heart of Terra Alta.

The Wine

Andy and Ali have always believed in understanding vineyards within the broader context of their environment, embracing the notion that vines are influenced by the nature that surrounds them. This borrows loosely from biodynamics, whilst more recently they were certified organic (“finally!” muses Ali).

The wines are always delicious and whilst we all have our favourites, you simply cannot go wrong with the amazing value Llumi Negre, which is wonderfully food-friendly.