Collection: Château-Fuissé

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At the heart of the Pouilly-Fuissé appellation lies Château-Fuissé, a symbol of Burgundy's winemaking excellence. This historic estate blends tradition and terroir to craft exceptional Chardonnays, epitomising the essence of this renowned region. Château-Fuissé's story spans generations, a testament to its enduring presence in Burgundy's winemaking landscape.

Excellence is the cornerstone of Château-Fuissé. From vineyard care to cellar craftsmanship, every stage of winemaking is approached with meticulous attention and a passion for perfection.

The Wine

Château-Fuissé is devoted to Chardonnay, the star of Pouilly-Fuissé. Its vineyards, a tapestry of terroirs, imbue each wine with distinctive characteristics. From mineral-rich soils to sun-kissed slopes, the land's essence shines through. Château-Fuissé's wines are authentic expressions of their terroir. They reveal the unique traits of each vineyard. Whether it's the freshness of Les Combettes or the opulence of Les Brûlés, every cuvée has its own story.

In Château-Fuissé's cellars, time is a key ingredient. The wines age gracefully in oak barrels, evolving to reveal complexity and structure. The result is a seamless blend of fruit, minerality, and character. Château-Fuissé upholds environmentally friendly practices, recognising the importance of sustainability in winemaking. This commitment ensures that the land's beauty endures for generations.