Collection: Domaine Ballot Millot

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Domaine Ballot-Millot's wines are some of the most exciting in Meursault, with superb quality and yet retaining great value for money. There should be no surprise to why this is a favourite amongst the team here at Honest Grapes.

Domaine Ballot-Millot, now under the skilled stewardship of the 17th-generation vintner. Charles Ballot, remains a testament to unwavering passion and commitment. For Charles, the secret to happiness is living one's passion. He has played a pivotal role in elevating the estate's quality, pushing boundaries, and embracing innovation.

Charles leads the estate with a dedication to sustainability, farming the vineyards organically and shunning herbicides. In the cellar, he follows the lunar cycle, allowing nature's rhythms to guide his winemaking. His philosophy is anchored in letting the terroir shine, with a restrained approach to oak usage. A mere 25% of new oak graces his premier crus, while village wines see just 10%.

The Wine

Domaine Ballot-Millot encompasses 10 hectares, spanning the terroirs of Meursault, along with parcels in Beaune, Chassagne-Montrachet, Pommard, and Volnay. At its core lies their signature Chardonnay, a symphony of complexity, precision, and minerality. The three distinguished premier crus of Meursault bear testament to Charles' mastery, with the venerable Genevrières boasting 70-year-old vines that yield remarkable concentration. The hidden gem, Lieu Dit Narvaux, showcases exceptional value and surprising depth.

Whilst the domaine’s strengths on the whites are clearly evident, Charles is also a magician with Pinot Noir, and these wines are well worth seeking out.

As Charles Ballot navigates the vineyards, he combines his profound understanding of tradition with an innovative spirit. Domaine Ballot-Millot's wines capture the essence of Burgundy, reflecting not only the history but also the spirit of evolution that defines this cherished region.