Collection: Domaine Comte Armand

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An exceptional grower in the Honest Grapes collection and one that the team is so fond of, it is no other than Domaine Comte Armand.

With a history dating back to 1825, Domaine Comte Armand has etched its name as a revered figure in Pommard winemaking. The family-owned estate has woven a legacy that stands tall in the world of fine wines.

Pascal Marchand's era brought a fresh perspective, paving the way for Benjamin Leroux to guide the domaine to new horizons. Leroux's legacy as a winemaker left an indelible mark. Following his departure in 2014, Paul Zinetti stepped into the role, ushering in a dynamic chapter in the domaine's journey.

The Wine

At the core of their holdings lies the celebrated Clos des Epeneaux. This cherished vineyard, embraced by the Comte Armand family since its inception, epitomizes Pommard's essence. Despite the challenges posed by phylloxera, the vineyard was rejuvenated in 1930, shaping the vineyard's character into a true testament to the family's dedication.

The estate's growth continued in 1994, marked by the addition of new vineyards. Among these are Auxey-Duresses and Auxey-Duresses Premier Cru, embodying the distinctive terroir of the region. Volnay, along with the esteemed Frémiets vineyard, also became integral to the estate's portfolio, enriching its winemaking ventures. Paul Zinetti's commitment to organic farming and hands-on approach have added depth to the domaine's reputation.