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Domaine Coudert, a cherished winemaking estate rooted in Beaujolais for over a century. Here, the Coudert family has nurtured both the land and their craft, creating wines that tell the story of their terroir and tradition.

Since 1864, the Coudert family has lovingly tended to their vineyards, passing down their winemaking wisdom from one generation to the next. Winemaking at Domaine Coudert is a family tradition. Each generation adds to the estate's legacy with their expertise and passion!

The Wine

Domaine Coudert takes a sustainable and organic approach to vineyard management. Their grapes, flourishing in Beaujolais' diverse soils, embody the essence of the region. The estate boasts century-old vines that yield low quantities of high-quality grapes. These old vines contribute depth and complexity to Coudert's wines. At Domaine Coudert, they believe in minimal intervention. Their traditional winemaking methods, such as whole-cluster fermentation, allow the grapes to shine.

Fleurie, an appellation known for elegant wines, is where Domaine Coudert excels. Their Gamay Noir-based wines delight with floral aromas, vibrant fruit, and silky textures. Domaine Coudert offers a range of wines, from the charming Fleurie to the robust Côte de Brouilly. While rooted in tradition, Domaine Coudert isn't afraid to embrace innovation to continually improve their wines.

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